Tire Recycling
Rubber Powder And Granules

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  • Mesh 24

    Mesh 24

    Crumb rubber powder Mesh 24(smaller than 0.7 mm)

    It is our major product and the best mesh for bitumen,asphalt and reclaim rubber. It is clean if fiber and steel and 95% pure.Origin is used radial truck   tires.

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  • Mesh 30

    Mesh 30

    Crumb rubber powder Mesh 30(smaller than 0.5 mm)

    It is clean if fiber and steel and 95% pure. Origin is used radial truck   tires.

    Suitable for rubber parts as conveyor, car parts and reclaim rubber.

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  • Granule No 3(1-3 mm)

    Granule No 3(1-3 mm)

    This size of granule is the best fortop layer of   ground flooring and artificial grass.

    Our granule  uniformity and purity makes it favorite .

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  • Granule No 5(3-5 mm)

    Granule No 5(3-5 mm)

    Blended with granule No 1 could be used for under layer of   ground flooring and makes those more flexible and comfortable.

    Separately also suitable for artificial grass.

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