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Rubber Powder And Granules

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Rubberized asphalt

Rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC), also known as asphalt rubber or just rubberized asphalt, is noise reducing pavement material that consists of regular asphalt concrete mixed with crumb rubber made from recycled tire.
Application of crumb rubber in asphalt pavements overcomes the used tires disposal problem and achieves materials savings and environmental benefits, due to the reduction of raw material and extension of pavement service life.*
*Resource: cleaner production magazine








Rubberized bitumen

Rubber bitumen is a binder material used for asphalt mixture production and road construction. It is produced from bitumen and crumb rubber. Rubber crumbs are drawn from waste scrap tires. According to the related ASTM-D 6114 standard, the minimum rubber content of the product should be 15%. Hence, waste tires can be utilized without any further processing.


  • Longer lifespan
  • Lower life-cycle cost (lower maintenance/repair costs)
  • Better durability due to better weather and traffic resistance at low and high temperatures:
    • less deformation at high temperature (summer)
    • better cracking resistance at low temperature (winter)
  • Better fatigue characteristics
  • Better adhesion to aggregates also improves pavement durability
  • Noise reduction effect
  • Improved safety due to better skid resistance
  • Due to its longer lifespan and less maintenance needed when using rubber bitumen, lower CO2 emissions are produced during asphalt production and road construction.*






Reclaim rubber

rubber recovered from vulcanized scrap rubber (as by grinding old tires and treating with alkali, oils, and plasticizers), often mixed with crude rubber for compounding, and used chiefly in mechanical rubber goods.*

*Source:Merriam  Webster


Rubber ground flooring

Are you tired of burning your feet on hot pavers? Is a slippery surface keeping you from enjoying your pool? Sounds like someone needs some outdoor rubber.


Outdoor rubber tiles and pavers are the perfect alternative to standard tile and stone for outdoor decks, pools, patios, and playgrounds. These rubber patio pavers are available in several styles, colors, and thicknesses and are cooler and more slip resistant when wet. So start enjoying your new patio, deck, pool, or playground with our outdoor rubber pavers.*

*Source: Rubber flooring





Water Proofing